Your business, open 6 days a week, 8 – 10 hours a day. You have an opportunity to meet and greet your customers.



7 days/24 hours


Communicate thru emails to the clients you currently have and keep them informed and rewarded with special offers and events.

Talk with your customers, let them like your posts and engage with you. Create a community – provide the community with an opportunity to share your talents with their friends.

Show current and future customers what you do. Share what your company values and always ENGAGE with your followers!



Create your own Mobile App to share your location, your specials, create loyalty programs and client communities.

Geolocation – let people know that you nearby and offer them special promotions.

Ibeacons – when they are up-close, why not get personal?  Come in for a cup of coffee or a special walk-in discount.