You can’t ignore the power of connecting with your clientele.
Connection is a relationship. It is the exchange of ideas, information and valuable feedback with your clients and visitors.

We put together the assortment below so that you can become more familiar with the most effective social channels for your business and services. We will help you get started and maintain a constant presence and interaction with your followers. We will be happy to provide a free estimate of your effective use of social media and how to get started.


It’s for everybody. It’s like having a website these days, people expect it. It’s a great way to get the word out on upcoming events, specials and have a conversation.

is all about the photograph! Show them what you do, and appreciate what your followers are doing. Stay engaged. There are images worth framing or of great frames. People want to SEE what you’re about.
It was begun as a way to share your bookmarks with each other. It has turned into an opportunity to showcase your talent – see what others are doing. Look for trends and see your followers interests.
It’s about all things house & home so – you know you want to be involved in that! Show them your style and see what your visitors are interested in.


The little bird is one of the most popular platforms out there.
(Look what POTUS can do with it!)
It offers a chance to increase awareness, engage and offer unique and timely information or offers.

Not just for restaurant reviews!
Yelp can put you on the map and is another way for people to find your business, see what others think of your business and become a part of your community.